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How can I use transparent background in my videos?

You can enable transparent backgrounds in Preferences. This will create a series of PNGs that you can then import into your video editing app. Here's how:

Transparent background

Can I get a student discount?

Yes. Send us a photo of your student ID from your school email.

There are buttons I can't see

This is a very rare bug for some users running High Sierra. All of the users we've spoken to were able to resolve this by upgrading to either Mojave or Catalina. It's a free update, but if you are not able to update, we'll submit a full refund for you.

Rotato deactivated itself

There was a technical change in macOS Catalina which is causing a few of our users to have their app deactivated. But don't worry. We've added an extra activation device to your license, so you can simply enter your license again, and be back to normal.

Can I use the license on more than one computer?

Yes, absolutely. As long as you're the user of both computers.

When will there be a Windows version?

Rotato for Windows is on the list, but we can't yet put a date on it. You can sign up to get an email when it's ready on

Will there be a Figma plugin?

Yes, absolutely. Figma, being a web app, is different from the other apps, so we need to think about how to do this with their new APIs.

Can I use custom models?

Importing custom models would be great! We don't currently have enough people asking for it, but we're keeping a close eye on the demand. Please get in touch and tell us how you'd use this feature.