Generate animated 3D mockups from 1 billion angles

Use movies or stills with our HD phone frames. All in a matter of minutes. No need for hard-to-learn and expensive apps - even if you don't know the first thing about 3D.
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We've seen people generate mockups for...

iPhone mockups for social media

Social media posts

Stand out with images or promo videos
Portfolio graphics templates

Portfolio graphics

Make your next boss stop and remember
App Store assets

App Store artwork

Drive installs with your own style
Landing page hero graphic

Landing pages

Jaw-dropping hero images. Help your visitors imagine your app on their own phone.
Slide deck illustrations

Slide decks

Win over any crowd in pitches, reviews, sales decks.
Spec illustrations


Add clarity and style. Specs don't have to be boring!

iPhone 11 frames are here!

Any color, any angle. This video was made with Rotato.

Everything you need to make your app shine

For the web, app stores, slide decks, social media, and as design portfolio graphics

Use iPhone, iPad, Android, and even neutral devices

3D animations make your screenshots and videos come alive

Save time: Connect your iPhone and get instant screenshots and even screen recordings

Stay friends with IT. No designs uploaded to the cloud, ever. Full privacy.

So photo-realistic they'll ask which camera you used

3D really can be that easy.

Too busy to learn After Effects or Cinema 4D? The hard thing should be getting ideas. It shouldn’t be knowing which buttons to push.

Drag, drop and done

What used to take days or even weeks takes a few minutes with Rotato. Drag in your work as JPG, PNG, MOV, AVI, MP4 files and see the magic.
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Boost your design’s odds of getting attention

Want a pink iPhone in clay material on a red background? Consider it done. You can completely style a phone mockup to fit your task - even drag in your own background images or videos
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Animate like the other pros

Choose a pro-grade animation—or design your own in just a few clicks. All in liquid smooth 60 frames per second.
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So real they'll ask which camera you used

Rotato optimizes your settings in the background for the best results. Behind the curtain is a whole virtual photo studio. You can turn all the knobs if you want.
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Wow, I’m blown away
This is game-changing!
OMG I never thought I'd be able to create a video like this within 10 minutes with just clicking a couple of buttons!
WOW! Checked out the trial version of @rotatoapp yesterday. 5 minutes later, purchased. New video coming soon :)
I generated a new tiny presentation video in a matter of seconds instead of hours of fighting against AE
By far the easiest mockup tool I've ever seen and the quality is excellent
I can't believe what it can do, I think it's going to make adding 3D mockups to your portfolio even easier

Make your first 3D mockup promo video in just 5 minutes today

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10 3D scenes with photo-realistic devices
4K, 2K, 720p animation exports
Live capture 1:1 to scene size on screen
DSLR camera controls like focus blur (depth of field)
Drag in images (png, jpeg)
Drag in movies (mov, mp4)
Export as png, mov
Sketch import with 3D layer explosion
12 animation easing functions
Change device color + Smart Extract
Clay device
Adjustable shadows
Aspect ratios: 16:9, 4:3 (Dribbble), all App Store preview aspect ratios
All aspect ratios in both landscape and portrait
Yours forever
Option to remove the Rotato tag on all 3D devices
One year of updates for Rotato 1
One-time purchase, not a subscription
69 USD
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