Rendering a manual animation

You tried a few preset animations. How about making your own?

At a glance

  • Go to Animations > Manual
  • Position your starting scene and click “Add view”
  • Position your end scene and click “Add view”
  • Skip to the starting scene
  • Click the Play button on your end scene to preview
  • Or, click the Record button to render your animation

Step 1 - Add your keyframes

Start by positioning your device the way you want the video to start. Then click Add current view. When you’re done, position your device the way you want the video to end. Then click Add current view again.

Step 2 - preview your mockup animation

With your two keyframes you can now click the Play button on any of them to animate to the position shown in the keyframe. If you want to skip to a specific keyframe without playing it, you can use the Fast Skip button at the bottom of the keyframe.

Step 3 - render your mockup animation

Once you’ve found an animation you like, fast skip to the beginning frame, then click the Record button on the end frame. It will take a minute, depending on the resolution you picked. In this video we picked 720p.

Step 4 - use your mockup promo video

Once the progress pie at the right hand bottom is full, Rotato shows a thumbnail of your video. You can grab your video in various ways;

  • Double click the thumbnail to open the video in Quicktime, or,
  • Drag the thumbnail directly into other apps such as Keynote or Finder, or,
  • Click the Export MOV button to choose a destination folder, or,
  • Click the GIF button to make an animated gif (requires the free app Gifski)

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