Getting your work into Rotato

You can import images, videos, use Sketch, and even see your iPhone’s screen live in Rotato
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Rendering a manual animation

Manual animations are quick to set up and render in high quality. The only limit is what ideas you come up with.
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Rendering a preset animation

Rotato comes with an ever growing set of animations. All it takes is one click to render in high quality
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Stitching together multiple clips with a video editing app like iMovie

Rotato makes one HD clip per animation. Let's stitch them together into a full promo video in a matter of minutes.
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Live 3D preview while designing in e.g. Sketch

See what your design will look like on a real phone - while you're designing. No hardware needed.
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Cinematic artboards in 3D with Sketch and Adobe XD

Make people whisper "wow" while you explain how you thought out your design
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Transparent background for videos and still renders

Put stuff below and above your phone mockup animations
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Tutorials from the community

Here's a few of the best tutorials from our design heroes on Youtube. As some of them point out, Rotato did not pay or ask them to make these. Comment, like and subscribe! 

3D Mockup Videos of Your Designs—Rotato + InVision Studio

You may know Pablo Stanley from his useful and fun videos from the Sketch Together series.

by Pablo Stanley, InVision
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Quick 3D Mockups using Design Camera (now Rotato)

Howard shows you around in Rotato using some of his beautiful designs.

by Howard Pinsky, Adobe
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Animated 3D mockups in seconds - Rotato Adobe XD plugin

Caler Edwards takes Rotato and the two plugins for a spin!

by Caler Edwards, Design Youtuber
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Create animated 3D mockups

Design Pilot is a design channel run by Chethan Kvs. Chethan is also behind some of Rotato's animations!

by Chethan Kvs, Design Pilot and Rotato
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Become a Pro 3D Mockup Artist 👩🏻💻

Jay talks about how Rotato can help you in your career, and also shows you around in the app

by Jay Kapoor, Design Youtuber
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Make your first 3D mockup promo video in just 5 minutes today

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