Try the new Timeline feature and make a truly custom promo video in 45 seconds

Download the latest Timeline Beta
MacOS Mojave or Catalina.
You can run the beta side by side with your current version.
Get beta updates via email here.

45 second tutorial

Download the Rotato project file and use this template. See the rendered movie on Vimeo.

What's new?

Importing your designs

  • You can now drag in videos with any FPS rate
  • Time your animations with your dragged in videos
  • Drag an audio file like MP3 onto the timeline to add music or sound to your video


  • Add keyframes to the timeline
  • More shortcuts: Arrows: move. Arrows + ⌘: Rotate. +/- keys: Zoom. 0 key: Reset view. Space: Pan.
  • Set duration and easing for each keyframe


  • New 3D rendering engine for smoother lines and curves
  • Less memory usage
  • New setting: Fast Rendering in Preferences