Apple Watch 3D mockups from any angle you can imagine

You worked hard on those smartwatch designs. Are you going to present them as boring 2D images in a slide deck? How about your portfolio? Or your landing pages?

At Rotato, mockups is all we think about, all day

That means you'll get an app that only does this. That means it takes you no time to learn. It means the price is just about the price of a dinner for two.

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Animated watch mockups

Want your watch app design to really stand out in your slide decks, portfolio graphics, landing pages, or app store previews? We made a ton of preset animations you can use just by clicking a few times. Or, if you want to get fancy, design your own!

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Before Rotato, creating a meaningful video was insane. Now I can go from idea to execution in minutes, absolutely. Use the hell out of this.
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This is game-changing!
OMG I never thought I'd be able to create a video like this within 10 minutes with just clicking a couple of buttons!
WOW! Checked out the trial version of @rotatoapp yesterday. 5 minutes later, purchased. New video coming soon :)
I generated a new tiny presentation video in a matter of seconds instead of hours of fighting against After Effects
By far the easiest mockup tool I've ever seen and the quality is excellent
I can't believe what it can do, I think it's going to make adding 3D mockups to your portfolio even easier

Make your first 3D mockup promo video in just 5 minutes today

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10 3D scenes with photo-realistic devices
4K, 2K, 720p animation exports
Live capture 1:1 to scene size on screen
DSLR camera controls like focus blur (depth of field)
Drag in images (png, jpeg)
Drag in movies (mov, mp4)
Export as png, mov
Sketch import with 3D layer explosion
12 animation easing functions
Change device color + Smart Extract
Clay device
Adjustable shadows
Aspect ratios: 16:9, 4:3 (Dribbble), all App Store preview aspect ratios
All aspect ratios in both landscape and portrait
Yours forever
Option to remove the Rotato tag on all 3D devices
One year of updates and new 3D models for Rotato 1 as they become available
One-time purchase, not a subscription
69 USD