Rendering a movie

Grab your high-quality movie and use it wherever you use video
TIP Want faster rendering? Go to Preferences and check "Fast Rendering." This will lower the quality slightly. Also, Movies shorter than 10 seconds will render fully in RAM, which will also speed up your rendering.

How to do it

Watch a video

Nice to know

Fast rendering
By default, Rotato enables the highest quality. If you want a faster render time, and a slightly lower quality, go to Preferences and enable Fast Rendering
Choose your render size
The drop down in the top right corner lets you choose anywhere between a small thumbnail video and a full 4K quality video
Rendering just the video on the screen?
Sometimes you just want a video running in a nice device frame. To do that, drag in your video, and add a single keyframe. Click Render. That's it. Rotato will adjust the rendered movie to match the dragged in video.