Animating your mock-ups with the timeline

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Create a promo video in a matter of seconds

How to do it

  • Position your device
  • Add a new keyframe using the + button next to the timeline

Working with keyframes

Drag the left edge of a keyframe to change its duration. You can also click a keyframe and change the duration in the keyframe inspector side bar.

This tells Rotato how you want the mockup devices to move from keyframe to keyframe. Click a keyframe, then change the easing in the side bar.

Click a keyframe, then change the camera rotation as you would normally. Once you're done rotating, you'll note that the keyframe thumbnail updates, reflecting the new rotation.

Delete a keyframe
Select the keyframe, then click the trashcan. Alternatively, press the backspace button on your keyboard.

Delete all keyframes
De-select all keyframes. Then click the trashcan.

Duplicate a keyframe
Select a keyframe, then click the + button.

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